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Posts tagged "Parental Coordinating and Decision Making"

Parental coordinators can help limit conflict in custody matters

If you and your ex have decided to split up in part because you seemed to argue about virtually everything when you were together, then it's likely that you're going to have difficulty reaching an agreement over how to handle your kids. Parents who find themselves constantly dragging each other in and out of court, fighting over different child rearing or custody matters may be ordered by a judge to work with a parenting coordinator.

Communication can make your post-divorce holidays more memorable

Divorced parents' feelings tend to fluctuate during the holidays. They may be merry as they look to decorate or shop for Christmas, then feel a sense of loneliness imagining having to spend what used to be a family-filled holiday all alone without their former spouse or kids. Children of divorce may have equally fluctuating feelings during the holiday season.

How do the roles of a mediator and parenting coordinator differ?

In recent years, family law judges have increasingly encouraged divorcing couples to try to resolve their differences via mediation as research has shown that couples are less likely to seek out modifications when they do. Likewise, moms and dads embroiled in custody battles have increasingly been ordered to seek out the services of a parenting coordinator to help them resolve issues that seem to keep sending them back to court.

Parenting coordinators effectively resolve high-conflict cases

Until House Bill 05-1171 was signed into law in 2005, many family law judges across the state of Colorado required quarreling couples to use the services of parenting coordinators to reach agreements. Their roles and responsibilities weren't clearly defined though.

How can Colorado parenting coordinators help with custody issues?

Co-parenting can be difficult in the first months or years after you and your ex split up. You both may be having difficulty communicating because you're still adjusting to the breakup of your relationship or not being able to spend time with your child whenever you like.

A parenting coordinator can help resolve complex custody concerns

Couples who find themselves on the brink of divorce often struggle to keep their emotions in check. Those who have children may have even more difficulty doing so, especially if one parent becomes unwilling to settle custody matters.

Tips for coordinating child custody this summer

The summer can become chaotic for couples who share custody of their children. Since children do not have school, the traditional schedule changes dramatically. Summer also leads to vacations and family trips, pulling people away from their usual routines.

Heated custody matters call for a parental coordinating attorney

While a couple is going through a divorce, soon-to-be ex-spouses may experience a variety of emotions including depression, anger, anxiety and sadness. It's also a time during which the spouses may find it difficult to communicate with one another, something that may lead to conflicts.

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