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How government shutdowns affect child support payments

While the government shutdown that lasted all of January has finally come to an end, there's another one lingering at the middle of the month unless lawmakers in Washington approve the federal budget. If a new shutdown does occur, it's unlikely to be President Trump's last one. He's already had several since he came into office. You may be wondering what impact that a shutdown has on the child support payments that you receive.

When parents who fail to pay child support get put in jail

When a noncustodial parent is ordered to pay child support, it's their obligation to do in a timely fashion. If they fail to do so for an extended period of time, then it's possible that they may be held in contempt of court. If this happens, then the nonpaying parent may be incarcerated and face stiff fines.

What happens when a Colorado parent fails to pay child support

Each parent in Colorado is required to cover the basic expenses of their child unless they've signed over their rights or met some other criteria that makes it unnecessary for them to pay. If a mother or father fails to make timely support payments, then Colorado Child Support Services (CSS) is authorized by state legislators to pursue any number of enforcement remedies to recover what's due.

Colorado child support orders can be modified in some situations

Every parent, whether mother or father, to a Colorado child has the responsibility to provide for their basic needs including housing, food and clothing. Whether a parent has custody of their child is immaterial. Each parent is responsible for providing for their child's basic necessities unless a parent has signed over their parental rights, their son or daughter has become emancipated or a judge has changed an order.

How to deal with a Colorado dad who won't pay child support

If you were to ask a mom facing divorce what her biggest fears are, she'd likely say that she is concerned about two primary things. First, she'd voice her fears about how the time that she spends with her kids would be impacted. Second, she'd likely say that she's concerned about how she'll make ends meet without financial support of her ex.

Factors that impact how child support is calculated in Colorado

In Colorado, a worksheet is used to determine how much child support may be owed. There are two different versions of this document. The "Worksheet B, Shared Physical Care" is intended to be used by parents whose children spend in excess of 92 overnights with each of them. The "Worksheet A, Sole Physical Care" is designated for parents who share 92 or less overnight visits per year with the child.

Can I get an adjustment in child support in Colorado?

You and your ex made it through an acrimonious divorce. You cleanly divided all of your shared property, you agreed on a child custody arrangement and you set up alimony and child support payments. You’re ready to be done with the courts altogether and move on with your life as a single parent.

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