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How government shutdowns affect child support payments

While the government shutdown that lasted all of January has finally come to an end, there's another one lingering at the middle of the month unless lawmakers in Washington approve the federal budget. If a new shutdown does occur, it's unlikely to be President Trump's last one. He's already had several since he came into office. You may be wondering what impact that a shutdown has on the child support payments that you receive.

In recent weeks, many state agencies from New York to Texas have released statements letting recipient and paying parents alike know that a shutdown shouldn't affect moms and dads from making timely payments or having them deposited into their accounts.

Many of these state agencies have acknowledged that noncustodial parents, especially ones who work as federal contractors or workers who have been furloughed, may struggle to make them. It may be particularly hard if they're trying to keep the lights on or food in their stomachs. They've urged recipient parents to reach out to them if payments have stopped for any other reason than that.

Colorado family law attorneys have also joined the dialogue and urged any parents that are considering not making child support payments not to do so. They've advised them to sell their belongings, to seek out loans and do anything possible to avoid getting on the wrong side of a Colorado Springs family court judge.

Even during the shutdown, the U.S. Department of Justice chimed in on a matter that is typically handled by state officials. They warned parents considering not paying to think about how the custodial parent relies on their support to raise their child.

Now that the shutdown has ended, President Trump has said that he plans for all furloughed federal workers to get their back pay. This will hopefully allow the parents who didn't get the messages to continue paying their child support to catch up with payments again. If your ex has stopped turning over what they owe and doesn't show any sign of bringing payments current, then an attorney can help you hold them accountable.

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