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What to expect at your Colorado Springs child custody hearing

The sheer thought of the heading into a child custody hearing can be nerve-wracking. If you know what to expect and prepare for it, however, you'll be able to handle what comes much more easily.

When you enter the courtroom, it will be relatively small in comparison to ones that you see used for criminal trials on television. There will be fewer people in the room, as well.

One aspect of child custody hearings that is similar to the way other court cases are handled is how you're given a short period of time to address your matter. Judges keep notoriously tight schedules, and they hear many different cases on a weekly basis. Since this is the case, it's critical that you and your attorney come up with a succinct plan of action regarding what you plan to present in court.

You should be prepared to answer any questions that a judge is likely to ask in your case. They may ask about how you're going to provide for your child's emotional needs and physical needs. Expect questions like, "Where will the child go after school?" and inquiries about whether you can offer suitable living arrangements for your son or daughter.

If there are any witnesses that can testify to your parenting abilities such as your child's teacher, therapist or babysitter, then you may want to make sure that they're at the hearing. If your child is old enough to express an opinion in court on your custody situation, it might be necessary to have him or her there as well.

Colorado judges generally will announce which parent will be given custody right after both sides have presented their cases. They also usually approve a visitation schedule, including a plan for how weekends and holidays will go. Any decisions a judge makes in a custody case is based on what he or she believes is in the best interest of your child.

A parent seeking custody of their child can benefit from attending public hearings to familiarize themselves with how the process works so they'll feel more comfortable when heading into their own custody hearing. Parents seeking to become their son or daughter's custodial parent should speak with a dedicated child custody attorney to learn what obstacles that they may have to overcome in order to win their case.

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