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Parental coordinators can help limit conflict in custody matters

If you and your ex have decided to split up in part because you seemed to argue about virtually everything when you were together, then it's likely that you're going to have difficulty reaching an agreement over how to handle your kids. Parents who find themselves constantly dragging each other in and out of court, fighting over different child rearing or custody matters may be ordered by a judge to work with a parenting coordinator.

Parental coordinators and decision-makers are Colorado Springs attorneys or psychologists who help parents stick to court orders in the most heated custody matters.

Unlike a mediator, their role isn't to help parents reach an agreement for how they're going to share their custody of their child or what amount of support is going to be paid. Their job is simply to diffuse arguments while they're small so that they don't snowball.

Discussions over custody, visitation, extracurricular activities, holidays, schooling or nonemergency medical care often get heated if two parents attempt to have a conversation about them by themselves. The introduction of a third party into the mix may make it possible for them to have a level-headed conversation and reach an agreement.

When it comes to disagreements between parents, you may think that your fighting doesn't affect your kids because you have these discussions behind closed doors away from them. Studies show that they still have the potential of adversely impacting them though. Children pick up on far more than their parents may think that they do.

Discord among parents can leave kids with emotional problems that affect them later in life. If you want to minimize the impact that your conflicting perspectives have on your kids, then an attorney with experience in parental coordinating and decision-making can advise you of the benefits to pursuing a new approach to resolving your differences.

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