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How to adjust a parenting plan

Figuring out a parenting plan with your ex was exhausting and a lot of work. You both had to compromise but you finally hashed it all out.

But what if you want to take your kids on an unplanned vacation when it’s not your weekend to have them? Or what if your work schedule changes and you need to adjust the dates you have your kids? If it was difficult to create the plan in the first place, how difficult will it be to change it?

Is it hard to change a custody plan?

Just like creating a parenting plan, how easy it is to change or update a plan can depend on a couple different circumstances. If you and your ex agree on the terms, the process is much simpler.

However, if you disagree you will have to go through the negotiation process again and may have to take your case back to court. This is usually much more complicated. In these cases, you might think about hiring a parenting coordinator to help mediate and make decisions.

What happens next?

After you agree on the terms of your new arrangement, you will have to file the changes with the courts. While verbal agreements can be made, they are harder to enforce so it is recommended that all changes be written down and filed with the court.

In all cases, any updates or modifications to your child custody agreement should be made based on the best interests of your children, and the courts will consider this when deciding whether or not to approve the changes.

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