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January 2019 Archives

Parental coordinators can help limit conflict in custody matters

If you and your ex have decided to split up in part because you seemed to argue about virtually everything when you were together, then it's likely that you're going to have difficulty reaching an agreement over how to handle your kids. Parents who find themselves constantly dragging each other in and out of court, fighting over different child rearing or custody matters may be ordered by a judge to work with a parenting coordinator.

Even in Colorado, parental pot usage can affect custody

With recreational marijuana use legal now at the state level here in Colorado, some parents mistakenly believe that they can smoke weed or consume THC-infused edibles with impunity. But for parents locked into contested child custody battles, the decision to use marijuana could be turned against you when determining custody or even visitation rights.

How the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act can delay your divorce

When you're a member of the armed forces, especially at a time of war or when a natural disaster hits, you're constantly subject to being deployed to a foreign land or another part of the country. Your unit can even be re-activated to respond to a crisis in the years after you retire. The last thing that you need dropped in your lap when you're either preparing to deploy or off fighting a war is divorce papers.

Are moms preferred when it comes to custody in Colorado?

There was once a time when it seemed like the mom was the preferred parent after a divorce. This is no longer the case. While it may have once been the standard practice for the children of divorced parents to stay primarily with mom and regulating dad to every other weekend visits, like most everything, the times are changing. With both dads and divorce courts noticing that each parent plays a significant role in children’s lives, custody decision have increasingly become more level.

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