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When parents who fail to pay child support get put in jail

When a noncustodial parent is ordered to pay child support, it's their obligation to do in a timely fashion. If they fail to do so for an extended period of time, then it's possible that they may be held in contempt of court. If this happens, then the nonpaying parent may be incarcerated and face stiff fines.

Before a family law judge orders for a nonpaying parent to be sent to jail, they'll typically tally up all the support that they owe as well as any additional fines or penalties. They'll also seek to find out whether the nonpaying parent has a job or whether other factors are preventing them from paying the support that they owe.

A judge generally issues relatively short sentences in child support nonpayment cases. It's uncommon for them to last any longer than six months. The length of the sentence is generally intended to last only as long as it takes to ensure that the nonpaying parent will be able to guarantee that they'll pay in the future.

While the nonpaying parent is incarcerated, they're generally ordered to attend parenting classes and to devise a schedule that they feel that they can adhere to for remaining in contact with their child.

If they've had trouble remaining gainfully employed in the past, then they'll be ordered to take part in work release programs or to make contact with other government agencies to complete educational programs needed to land a job.

A state child support enforcement agency will generally send letters warning a parent that they've fallen behind in paying child support before making an attempt to garnish their wages or requesting their arrest. If you're having difficulty paying your monthly obligation, then a dedicated and diligent Colorado Springs child support attorney may be able to negotiate a deal that helps keep you out of jail.

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