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What impacts a judge's decision in child relocation cases?

When you and your ex split up, while it's commonplace for you two to maintain your own separate residences, many couples stick around in the same area. As you start a new chapter in your life, though, you may feel inclined to pick up and move elsewhere. While there are many factors that may motivate you to relocate, it may not be as easy as you hoped that it would be to do, especially if you have kids.

There are many reasons a parent may wish to relocate to a different area when they divorce. They may wish to live in an area that has more affordable housing, that offers better job prospects or an ability be closer to family members. While a Colorado family law judge may understand how these could improve your life, they'll likely want to make sure that it's in your child's best interests to approve your relocation request as well.

The judge will want to make sure that the relocation won't significantly disrupt your child's life. They'll likely inquire about how far one parent's home is from the other and how you plan to ensure that your child gets in regular visits with their other parent. They'll likely want to know more about how your child's quality of life will be improved by the move.

In some cases, a child psychologist may be asked to come to court to speak to whether your son or daughter is of the right age or maturity level to make such a move. If your child is old enough, then the family law judge presiding over your case may ask your son or daughter directly if they wish to relocate.

No parent should assume that a judge in Colorado Springs will readily approve their petition to relocate simply because they've identified an area that is more affordable, closer to family or because they've accepted a job somewhere. A child custody attorney who is experienced in negotiating parenting plans can help you prove that it's in the best interests of you and your kids to relocate.

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