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Communication can make your post-divorce holidays more memorable

Divorced parents' feelings tend to fluctuate during the holidays. They may be merry as they look to decorate or shop for Christmas, then feel a sense of loneliness imagining having to spend what used to be a family-filled holiday all alone without their former spouse or kids. Children of divorce may have equally fluctuating feelings during the holiday season.

Parents can minimize the impact that their divorce has on their kids by being more effective and proactive communicators with their ex. Although you two may have a schedule in place that calls for one thing, there may be something that you want your child to be included in. By maintaining an amicable relationship with your ex, you may be able to work out an exception to the schedule that exists.

It can also help when it comes time to buy gifts for your child if you have a good co-parenting relationship with their other parent. You may be able to discuss their wish list with one another and divide up which presents that each of you is going to buy. This will help minimize the risk of one parent buying extra gifts to impress their child.

If it's possible for you and your ex to spend a little time together without fighting, then you may want to consider having some type of joint celebration over the holidays. It can make for a good Christmas morning transition for everyone to have breakfast and open gifts together before a child heads off to their other parent's home.

Colorado Springs couples who are newly divorced may benefit from doing something completely different from what they've done in the past when celebrating those first few holidays alone with their kids. They may benefit from volunteering at a homeless shelter for Christmas or by going and spending time with a family member as a new tradition moving forward.

Parents who put their kids' interests first often end up with children being the least affected by their divorce. Although the holidays are fast approaching, it's never too late for parents to try to get on the same page about raising and sharing custody of their kids. A parental coordinating and decision-making attorney can explain how mediation may help you overcome the obstacles that you're facing in co-parenting your kids.

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