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December 2018 Archives

What impacts a judge's decision in child relocation cases?

When you and your ex split up, while it's commonplace for you two to maintain your own separate residences, many couples stick around in the same area. As you start a new chapter in your life, though, you may feel inclined to pick up and move elsewhere. While there are many factors that may motivate you to relocate, it may not be as easy as you hoped that it would be to do, especially if you have kids.

What happens to a military pension after a divorce?

When military couples decide to divorce, one of the first topics that both spouses end up wanting to learn more about is what will happen with the service member's pension once they split up. This is especially important for military members who have spent their entire careers on active duty. The Uniformed Services Former Spouses Protection Act (USFSPA) was passed into law in 1982 to address this.

Communication can make your post-divorce holidays more memorable

Divorced parents' feelings tend to fluctuate during the holidays. They may be merry as they look to decorate or shop for Christmas, then feel a sense of loneliness imagining having to spend what used to be a family-filled holiday all alone without their former spouse or kids. Children of divorce may have equally fluctuating feelings during the holiday season.

How can a parenting coordinator help your family?

Many aspects of divorce are hard to deal with, but perhaps the most complicated and difficult parts are issues that involve your children. Parents want the best for their children and going through a divorce can put a lot of stress on parents and children alike. There are many elements of divorce that involve your kids you will need to think about.

When parents who fail to pay child support get put in jail

When a noncustodial parent is ordered to pay child support, it's their obligation to do in a timely fashion. If they fail to do so for an extended period of time, then it's possible that they may be held in contempt of court. If this happens, then the nonpaying parent may be incarcerated and face stiff fines.

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