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Parents can reduce the impact divorce has on their kids

While there are likely many things couples who split up may fight about, those who are parents are most apt to engage in quarrels about how to best share custody of their children. Research has shown that kids who divide their time equally between both parents fare better than those who don't. This has inspired many who work in the child development field to document strategies for making joint custody arrangements work.

One of the key factors parents should remember when trying to work out a custody schedule is what's in the best interests of their child. They should take into account their son's or daughter's personality, age and involvement in extracurricular activities when deciding what type of child custody arrangements are best for them.

Parents should also be realistic about their own schedules when demanding custody. It's important that they take into account the other parent's social and work commitments before petitioning for a certain schedule. They should figure in how much time it will take to commute back-and-forth between both homes as well.

Divorce, researchers say, affects kids on an emotional and behavioral level. Children who witness their parents splitting up are more likely to become angry or to distrust others than those who don't.

A mom or a dad who speaks poorly of the other parent often leaves a child feeling confused. They may think that they need to pick sides and may start harboring resentment toward one parent for causing this turmoil in their life. Parents should encourage their children to speak up about what they're feeling instead of keeping their emotions inside.

It's also important for both mom and dad to realize that just because they couldn't make their relationship work, that it doesn't mean that they can't be effective parents. Parents can help minimize the risk that their child will experience emotional or behavioral problems by communicating more effectively with one another.

A couple can help minimize the stress that their split has on their kids by being selective about the battles that they pick. They can also minimize potential conflict by periodically sitting down to review their custody arrangement to see if modifications need to be made. A Colorado Springs child custody attorney who is also trained in mediation can help you do just that.

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