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November 2018 Archives

What is birdnesting, and how can it help kids cope with divorce?

Ask anyone who's divorcing and they'll likely tell you that it's a difficult process, especially if their kids are involved. If you consult parenting books about how to help your child cope with your split, then they'll likely tell you that the best thing that you can do is to prioritize their well-being. While keeping your cool around your ex is a step in the right direction, employing the "birdnesting" approach to child rearing is another one.

Military and civilian divorce aren't handled the same

When individuals discuss their experiences with divorce, they often share similar stories no matter what state they live in or where they're at in their life. This isn't the case though. Where a couple lives can impact how marital property is split up or how custody matters are decided. Then, if we compare a civilian to a military divorce, there are even more differences.

Parents can reduce the impact divorce has on their kids

While there are likely many things couples who split up may fight about, those who are parents are most apt to engage in quarrels about how to best share custody of their children. Research has shown that kids who divide their time equally between both parents fare better than those who don't. This has inspired many who work in the child development field to document strategies for making joint custody arrangements work.

How do the roles of a mediator and parenting coordinator differ?

In recent years, family law judges have increasingly encouraged divorcing couples to try to resolve their differences via mediation as research has shown that couples are less likely to seek out modifications when they do. Likewise, moms and dads embroiled in custody battles have increasingly been ordered to seek out the services of a parenting coordinator to help them resolve issues that seem to keep sending them back to court.

How to create an equal parenting plan

A solid plan can make a complicated parenting situation less stressful and easier for you and your children. Well thought out parenting plans can help you and your children by providing stability and a sense of togetherness.

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