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What happens when a Colorado parent fails to pay child support

Each parent in Colorado is required to cover the basic expenses of their child unless they've signed over their rights or met some other criteria that makes it unnecessary for them to pay. If a mother or father fails to make timely support payments, then Colorado Child Support Services (CSS) is authorized by state legislators to pursue any number of enforcement remedies to recover what's due.

There are two types of enforcement actions that CSS is authorized to take by state lawmakers. They can file a grievance against a nonpaying parent as part of the formal court process or handle the matter administratively without getting a judge involved. If the paying parent keeps their address current with CSS, then they'll receive notification of any planned collection efforts that the agency intends to make before they occur.

One type of enforcement remedy that CSS may take includes suspending a nonpaying parent's recreational, driver's or professional license. They may also have their passport denied as well.

Colorado Child Support Services receives notifications of new hires around the state and compares that to the list of parents not paying child support. The agency may also institute income assignments on current wages, workers' compensation or unemployment benefits.

A parent who doesn't pay child support may have both their Colorado and federal tax refunds offset. Any lottery or gambling winnings may be intercepted. Unclaimed property, federal administrative payments and state vendor proceeds may all be seized. The agency participates in data matching with financial institutions and reports to credit bureaus also.

Finally, the CSS is authorized to seek liens, judgments and garnishments to compel a parent to pay child support. It's even possible that a mom or dad who refuses to comply with a court order will be held in contempt of court or be subject to federal prosecution as well.

The role of a Colorado family law judge is to do what's in the best interest of the child. While many parents may think of increased visitation or custody with their son or daughter as ideal, this comes with a financial cost. A Colorado Springs child support attorney can walk you through a typical week in your life to shed light on your expenses and what you need from your ex to help raise the child to have the best life possible.

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