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October 2018 Archives

What happens if my military ex doesn't pay child support?

Just as there are many benefits that come with being part of the military, there are many responsibilities as well. A parent who struggles to get their ex who is in the military to pay child support may have additional avenues to pursue than those in civilian relationships do not.

What happens when a Colorado parent fails to pay child support

Each parent in Colorado is required to cover the basic expenses of their child unless they've signed over their rights or met some other criteria that makes it unnecessary for them to pay. If a mother or father fails to make timely support payments, then Colorado Child Support Services (CSS) is authorized by state legislators to pursue any number of enforcement remedies to recover what's due.

How does a divorce impact your child's mental health?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 827,261 couples got divorced in the United States in 2016. This means that many children shifted from living in a two-parent household to learning how to split their time between two homes. Many of these kids have likely begun learning other lessons too that only those who've had to go through a divorce can truly understand.

Parenting coordinators effectively resolve high-conflict cases

Until House Bill 05-1171 was signed into law in 2005, many family law judges across the state of Colorado required quarreling couples to use the services of parenting coordinators to reach agreements. Their roles and responsibilities weren't clearly defined though.

Strategies for effective co-parenting after a divorce

Co-parenting with a former spouse can be a particularly challenging aspect of your post-divorce life. Maintaining open, civil discourse and sharing parental responsibilities can feel daunting when it comes to working with a former spouse. That said, it’s important that you and your ex create and follow a comprehensive plan for effective co-parenting after a divorce.

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