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September 2018 Archives

Your divorce risk may go up if your friend leaves their marriage

Researchers from the University of California at San Diego, Brown University and Harvard all recently collaborated on a study on divorce called "Breaking Up is Hard to Do, Unless Everyone Else is Doing it Too". In the end, they determined that divorce may be contagious.

Colorado child support orders can be modified in some situations

Every parent, whether mother or father, to a Colorado child has the responsibility to provide for their basic needs including housing, food and clothing. Whether a parent has custody of their child is immaterial. Each parent is responsible for providing for their child's basic necessities unless a parent has signed over their parental rights, their son or daughter has become emancipated or a judge has changed an order.

How can Colorado parenting coordinators help with custody issues?

Co-parenting can be difficult in the first months or years after you and your ex split up. You both may be having difficulty communicating because you're still adjusting to the breakup of your relationship or not being able to spend time with your child whenever you like.

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