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August 2018 Archives

More couples are choosing to have long-distance marriages

The rates of long-distance marriages are apparently increasing among younger couples according to data compiled by the Wall Street Journal. While many couples who live apart do so because one of the spouses is incarcerated or a couple is estranged, others are separated because of overseas work obligations, as often is the case with military couples.

Child custody modifications often face scrutiny from judges

For many couples, the parenting plan that they agree to when they first split up only works for a period of time. Then circumstances change. A mom or dad may get remarried, change jobs or decide to move away. A parent may develop a drug habit or start living with unsavory individuals. These are just some of many reasons that a mom or dad may petition a judge to reassess custody arrangements.

Military pensions aren't always split in half during a divorce

If you're a servicemember edging toward retirement and your spouse files divorce papers, you may have real concerns that your spouse will be entitled to 50 percent of your retirement pay. You've likely heard rumors that if you and your spouse have been married a certain number of years concurrent with your active military service, your spouse will be automatically entitled to this. This is not necessarily the case.

How to deal with a Colorado dad who won't pay child support

If you were to ask a mom facing divorce what her biggest fears are, she'd likely say that she is concerned about two primary things. First, she'd voice her fears about how the time that she spends with her kids would be impacted. Second, she'd likely say that she's concerned about how she'll make ends meet without financial support of her ex.

A parenting coordinator can help resolve complex custody concerns

Couples who find themselves on the brink of divorce often struggle to keep their emotions in check. Those who have children may have even more difficulty doing so, especially if one parent becomes unwilling to settle custody matters.

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