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July 2018 Archives

Special laws impact how military divorce is handled

It can be difficult for any couple to have to come to terms that they're marriage is irretrievably broken and that it's time to pursue a divorce. Although the military classifies the divorce process as a personal, civilian matter, there are certain laws that uniquely apply to servicemembers seeking a divorce. These are intended to protect both the member of the armed forces and his or her spouse.

Tips for coordinating child custody this summer

The summer can become chaotic for couples who share custody of their children. Since children do not have school, the traditional schedule changes dramatically. Summer also leads to vacations and family trips, pulling people away from their usual routines.

Colorado's working dads have it better than some in other states

Back in the 1960s, nearly 50 percent more moms stayed at home and cared for their kids than they do today. Also during that era, 75 percent of dads were the sole breadwinners for their households. These are just two of many different insights that researchers working for the personal finance website WalletHub recently uncovered while working on a study about the plight of working dads in the United States.

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