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What is joint legal custody and how does it benefit my child?

Sole, joint, physical and legal -- Each of these words refers to a different type of arrangement when it comes to child custody matters.

Parents who share joint legal custody of their child are both legally authorized to make big decisions on the child's behalf whether it has to do with religion, health care or education. There are many benefits associated with parents sharing joint legal custody of their child.

Joint legal custody affords both parents the opportunity to communicate with one another about how the child will be raised, something that can have a lasting impact on the child's life.

By communicating with one another to make decisions, it goes a long way to creating a more stable environment for a child to thrive. It has the potential to teach a child about the value of collaboration and compromise.

Sharing joint legal custody with your ex can be a particularly beneficial situation to have in place, especially as your child ages. While you two may not see eye-to-eye as you initially try to co-parent your child, it may be easier to do down the road.

You may find that having your ex to bounce ideas off of as your son or daughter become a teenager is extremely valuable. Having him or her to rely on for help in making medical and educational decisions at this time can be helpful also.

Parents may benefit from sharing joint legal custody of their child when they both have a desire to be involved in their son or daughter's life and also when they're committed to working through differences to reach a comprise as to what's best for him or her.

If you're separated from your ex and interested in sharing joint legal custody with him or her, then a Colorado Springs attorney can guide you toward obtaining that in your case.

Source: Verywell Family, "Joint legal custody pros & cons," Jennifer Wolf, accessed June 07, 2018

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