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Tips for disciplining children in separate households

Since the divorce, you have witnessed a change in your child’s behavior. You’ve seen an increase in irritability, hostility and resentment. No matter how much you discipline them, their attitude has not improved. The lack of effective discipline is something both you and your child’s other parent are experiencing in both households. Why?

Parents who are separated may have different parenting styles that make it difficult to curb their kid’s unfavorable behavior. Luckily, there are things that you can do to improve the situation. Here are two tips to help you and your child’s other parent discipline a kid post-divorce.

Stay consistent

The consistency of disciplinary action is critical. When there are different rules in each household, children may rebel against one or both parents. If something is allowed at mom’s house, but not at dad’s, they may be less likely to adhere to one over the other. With young children, different rules and disciplinary action can be confusing. Establishing the same boundaries as parents can help to prevent confusion and increase positive behavior.

Open the door to communication

If possible, try to communicate with the other parent about your child’s behavior. Is there something that triggers outbursts? Do some disciplinary actions that work better than others? By discussing the conduct that each of you observes, you can create a plan that works for everybody and modify it over time if necessary. If you refuse to work together, your child will take note and may take advantage of the situation to get away with inappropriate conduct.

Working as a united force can be the deciding factor when it comes to taking effective disciplinary action. It can be difficult to set boundaries for your kid, but collaboration can be key when it comes to raising a child in a healthy and stable environment after a divorce.

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