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Factors that impact how child support is calculated in Colorado

In Colorado, a worksheet is used to determine how much child support may be owed. There are two different versions of this document. The "Worksheet B, Shared Physical Care" is intended to be used by parents whose children spend in excess of 92 overnights with each of them. The "Worksheet A, Sole Physical Care" is designated for parents who share 92 or less overnight visits per year with the child.

For noncustodial parents, they are eligible to receive credit on the Shared Physical Care worksheet if their child overnights at their home more than 92 days per year.

Parents who split physical custody of their children, for example, one child lives with one parent while the another two live with the other, may warrant a reduction or increase in payments to the primary caretaker.

Different expenses can reduce a parent's gross income, which can result in child support obligations being decreased. For example, if a parent has other kids that he or she is ordered to pay child support for or is required to pay alimony, then this amount may be deducted from his or her gross income prior to determining how much he or she owes.

Other expenses that can be deducted from a parent's income include court-ordered payments of college expenses and support payments to noncustodial children. Day care, parenting time transportation and health insurance premiums may also be deducted from a paying parent's income before a child support obligation is calculated.

Costs not related to their direct care, such as car payments, utilities, clothing, food and housing do not affect the amount of child support a parent ultimately pays.

Whether you're early in the process of seeking custody or visitation or a modification of a standing order, a Colorado Springs child support attorney can advise you of your rights in your own case.

Source: Colorado Department of Human Services, "Calculating child support payments & guidelines," accessed June 01, 2018

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