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June 2018 Archives

Heated custody matters call for a parental coordinating attorney

While a couple is going through a divorce, soon-to-be ex-spouses may experience a variety of emotions including depression, anger, anxiety and sadness. It's also a time during which the spouses may find it difficult to communicate with one another, something that may lead to conflicts.

Tips for disciplining children in separate households

Since the divorce, you have witnessed a change in your child’s behavior. You’ve seen an increase in irritability, hostility and resentment. No matter how much you discipline them, their attitude has not improved. The lack of effective discipline is something both you and your child’s other parent are experiencing in both households. Why?

Factors that impact how child support is calculated in Colorado

In Colorado, a worksheet is used to determine how much child support may be owed. There are two different versions of this document. The "Worksheet B, Shared Physical Care" is intended to be used by parents whose children spend in excess of 92 overnights with each of them. The "Worksheet A, Sole Physical Care" is designated for parents who share 92 or less overnight visits per year with the child.

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