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What's the role of a Colorado parenting coordinator?

Ask anyone who has been through a divorce and the large majority will likely tell you that it's an emotionally draining process. It's even more so when kids are involved.

It can be difficult coming to an agreement about how to share custody of the kids, who's going to be responsible for making important decisions about their lives and other related matters. Parents who find themselves constantly in and out of the courtroom arguing about such issues in front of a judge may benefit from getting help from a Parental Coordinating & Decision Making (PCDM) facilitator.

These co-parenting coordinators are essentially trained to be third party arbitrators between parents that can't seem to get on a single page with one another about how to share or raise their kids. They're trained to provide both parents with a forum to voice their concerns.

After listening to both of their perspectives, the parenting coordinator is charged with making a decision as to what's best for the child. Since many PCDM coordinators are mental health counselors or attorneys, they have significant experience in determining this.

An ideal PCDM coordinator will also be able to equip both you and your ex with a strategy for resolving future conflicts as well. The hope is that by doing so, future problems won't escalate into something bigger that has to resolved in a courtroom.

Some of the more common topics that co-parenting coordinators help parents work through include schooling, holidays, extracurricular activities, custody or visitation, nonurgent medical care and summer camps.

If you and your ex are having difficulty reaching an agreement about your child's custody or care, then a Colorado Springs attorney can advise of alternative strategies for reaching an agreement in your legal matter.

Source: Huffington Post, "The pros and cons of a co-parenting coordinator," Kyung (Kathryn) Dickerson, accessed May 25, 2018

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