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What is the purpose of having a parenting coordinator?

Divorces are often a breeding ground for contention to arise in various areas of decision-making. Child custody matters and parenting plans may be difficult to follow and modify without the cooperation of both parties. Colorado family courts have implemented alternative options to help alleviate disputes between divorcing parents.

A parenting coordinator role is granted by the approval of the court for the purpose of helping parents solve disagreements. The parenting coordinator is someone who is well-versed in family law issues, trained and prepared to work effectively between parents and the court system.

Equal help for both parents

The parenting coordinator is responsible for equally assisting both sides of a dispute involving parenting plan conflicts, custody responsibilities and more. They prove mutually beneficial since they are not a tool utilized as witnesses before the court. This allows the coordinator to focus on truly helping parents equally and without bias to a particular outcome.

For example, a parent who is consistently late picking up a child, making the other parent late for work creates a conflict not easily solved when parents are not on speaking-terms. The parent late for work can contact the parenting coordinator and ask for their intervention. The parenting coordinator would then contact the tardy parent and find out what the issue is and explore options for resolving the problem.

Choosing the path of peace

Family courts get congested quickly with a spectrum of major and minor disputes. Having a parenting coordinator is a great way to alleviate the demand for a lawyer or court to resolve each type of conflict between parents. This option encourages peace rather than adding to the burden of the court to hear disputes through a trial or the stress associated with additional obstacles to reach an agreement.

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