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Many states see an increase in custody battles over embryos

In recent months, many states' Supreme Court justices have had an increasing number of child custody cases regarding embryos come in front of them.

Back in January, a former couple from Colorado had their own case heard by the state Supreme Court. The wife argued for the preservation of her six embryos. Her ex-husband expressed his interest in having them destroyed.

Tips for coordinating child custody this summer

The summer can become chaotic for couples who share custody of their children. Since children do not have school, the traditional schedule changes dramatically. Summer also leads to vacations and family trips, pulling people away from their usual routines.

It is very important that parents work together and communicate so that they can coordinate during the three months before the kids go back to school in the fall. A few tips that may help you in this regard include:

  • Do not make demands. Ask questions. Work with your spouse. Remember that you both need to give and take a bit during this time. Try to get along and be respectful of each other as you do it.
  • Do not bring things up at the last minute. Plan in advance. Your ex does not want to be surprised by the fact that you want to take the kids on a road trip in two days. Plan something like that weeks or months in advance and things will go smoothly.
  • Make sure the children are on the same page. Talk to them about your plans and what they want to get out of summer. Communication is critical.
  • Try to keep the plan the same as it is during the school year, at least as much as possible. You and your ex have set routines. Disrupting them causes stress. Do it as little as you can.

Amicably divorcing? Mediation may save you time and money

For several reasons, you and your spouse agree that your marriage will not last, and you decide to divorce. You hope for a quick, painless process, so that you may move on and begin your new life as a separated couple.

Divorce mediation may prove to be a positive experience in differentiating a couple’s assets. You both generally agree how your possessions should be distributed, but you may need a third-party person to help you tie loose ends. The process involves meetings with a mediator, both parties always agree on the outcome before it finalizes.

Colorado's working dads have it better than some in other states

Back in the 1960s, nearly 50 percent more moms stayed at home and cared for their kids than they do today. Also during that era, 75 percent of dads were the sole breadwinners for their households. These are just two of many different insights that researchers working for the personal finance website WalletHub recently uncovered while working on a study about the plight of working dads in the United States.

Nowadays, the researchers note that at least 66 percent of all American households are dependent on two incomes to remain afloat. Dads aren't always the primary breadwinner nor do they take always on the traditional role of disciplinarian in their homes as was the case decades ago either.

Heated custody matters call for a parental coordinating attorney

While a couple is going through a divorce, soon-to-be ex-spouses may experience a variety of emotions including depression, anger, anxiety and sadness. It's also a time during which the spouses may find it difficult to communicate with one another, something that may lead to conflicts.

Data compiled by the American Psychological Association shows that most negative emotions and discord among couples subsides during either the second or third year after a divorce is finalized. That same data shows that less than 15 percent of couples continue experiencing continued negative thoughts post-divorce.

Dress for success at your child custody hearing

If you want to win your litigated child custody case, you will have to first convince the Colorado Springs family court judge of your fitness as a parent.

When you consider that the judge's impression of you will likely be limited to the 15 or 20 minutes that you stand in front of him or her in the courtroom, you should make every effort to present a winning impression.

How do I know if I qualify for a military divorce in Colorado?

In Colorado, the end of a marriage is referred to as a dissolution rather than a divorce although both words essentially mean the same thing.

While in many states, members of the armed forces are allowed to petition for a dissolution of their marriage in several different states, this isn't possible in Colorado. Existing law requires that at least one of the spouses petitioning for the divorce be able to prove that he or she has been a lawful resident of the state for no fewer than 90 days prior to filing.

What is joint legal custody and how does it benefit my child?

Sole, joint, physical and legal -- Each of these words refers to a different type of arrangement when it comes to child custody matters.

Parents who share joint legal custody of their child are both legally authorized to make big decisions on the child's behalf whether it has to do with religion, health care or education. There are many benefits associated with parents sharing joint legal custody of their child.

Tips for disciplining children in separate households

Since the divorce, you have witnessed a change in your child’s behavior. You’ve seen an increase in irritability, hostility and resentment. No matter how much you discipline them, their attitude has not improved. The lack of effective discipline is something both you and your child’s other parent are experiencing in both households. Why?

Parents who are separated may have different parenting styles that make it difficult to curb their kid’s unfavorable behavior. Luckily, there are things that you can do to improve the situation. Here are two tips to help you and your child’s other parent discipline a kid post-divorce.

Factors that impact how child support is calculated in Colorado

In Colorado, a worksheet is used to determine how much child support may be owed. There are two different versions of this document. The "Worksheet B, Shared Physical Care" is intended to be used by parents whose children spend in excess of 92 overnights with each of them. The "Worksheet A, Sole Physical Care" is designated for parents who share 92 or less overnight visits per year with the child.

For noncustodial parents, they are eligible to receive credit on the Shared Physical Care worksheet if their child overnights at their home more than 92 days per year.

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