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Where can you file for divorce when you're in the military?

When it comes to civilian divorces, laws surrounding where you can file your divorce are very cut and dried. It's the state where you reside.

It's different though when it comes to military divorces. As a service member, you or your spouse can file in one of three different places. You can file in the state where you retain legal residence or where your spouse does. You divorce proceedings can be initiated in the state you are stationed in as well. You may even be eligible to file in a fourth state if you own property there.

Facts about child custody in Colorado

It's much easier to get good results in a child custody dispute if you have appropriate expectations when you start. That's why it's important to understand how Colorado's custody laws work before you start.

In Colorado, custody is now called "parental responsibilities," to reflect the idea that either one or both parents will have the right to make major decisions regarding the child's welfare. Here are the most important things you should know:

Getting a divorce when you are a military spouse

Divorce can often leave you feeling unprepared and unsure what to do next. If you are a military spouse, you have been entitled to certain benefits through your partner’s service time. Now that you are splitting up, you may be wondering whether you are still eligible for those benefits.


Can I get an adjustment in child support in Colorado?

You and your ex made it through an acrimonious divorce. You cleanly divided all of your shared property, you agreed on a child custody arrangement and you set up alimony and child support payments. You’re ready to be done with the courts altogether and move on with your life as a single parent.

Unfortunately, while many of the terms of your divorce are set in stone, there’s a chance that you may require an adjustment to your child support agreement if your—or your ex’s—personal financial circumstances change down the road. This article examines the criteria for such an adjustment.

What is the purpose of having a parenting coordinator?

Divorces are often a breeding ground for contention to arise in various areas of decision-making. Child custody matters and parenting plans may be difficult to follow and modify without the cooperation of both parties. Colorado family courts have implemented alternative options to help alleviate disputes between divorcing parents.

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