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Colorado Springs Parenting Coordinator

Ongoing disputes in the divorce process can create high-conflict situations. Mediation is often needed due to ongoing fighting. When a middle ground cannot be reached, a mediator is necessary to help resolve issues.

Divorce lawyer Dawn Ogrodny can serve in a neutral capacity for divorcing couples in a dual role for one side. When disagreements exist, Dawn looks at all the issues to find the best way to implement parenting plans and resolve financial issues. As a parenting coordinator and domestic relations decision maker, she has the authority to issue a decision.

The Need For Divorce And Parenting Mediation To Resolve Conflicts

Choosing to mediate is a more affordable, yet underused option for child custody, property division and other divorce-related disputes. Dawn Ogrodny first identifies the reasoning behind you and your spouse's decision to mediate. She will educate you on the process and answer all questions. Both you and your spouse must agree to the two-year appointment and request an order to appoint a mediator.

Once a preliminary agreement is reached, the decision is sent to the court, providing divorcing spouses an opportunity to comment. If either side disputes the mediator's decision, a judge issues the final verdict in court.

The founder of Dawn M. Ogrodny, P.C., is passionate about the vital role she plays as a parenting coordinator and domestic relations decision maker. Serving in a mediation capacity has provided her insight into both sides of divorce disputes as a neutral party. Occasionally, she has met with children of divorcing parents to understand their perspective.

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