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Overcome the obstacles  With the help of a dedicated and diligent lawyer

Colorado Springs Divorce Attorney

The only part of the divorce process you can control is the decisions you make. You cannot control your spouse's perceptions of the marriage ending and the choices he or she pursues. Yet, you can control the decisions you make.

Whether the tone of your divorce is combative or collaborative, you need legal representation from a dedicated and diligent attorney. Dawn Ogrodny became a lawyer after volunteering with Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA). Today, she is a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer who also serves as a parenting coordinator and domestic relations decision maker, mediating disputes between divorcing couples.

Helping You Make Good Decisions In The Best Interests Of Your Children

Divorce actions that involve children are legally complex and emotionally charged. Any decisions made by you, your spouse or a neutral party must focus on the best interests of your children. There may be disputes over child custody and support. However, finding resolution through negotiation is better to maintain relationships within a family that is "reorganizing."

Building A Bridge Toward Post-Divorce Financial Security

Fear and uncertainty set in prior to and during the divorce process. You may wonder how you will make ends meet. Spousal support can provide a necessary "bridge" until you are financially independent. However, alimony should not be considered a reliable income source over the long term. Furthering your education and pursuing employment are additional steps to take to provide for yourself and your children.

You may think that your inflexible spouse will not budge on property division or alimony. However, a skilled lawyer who is also a mediator can find a middle ground, whether the disputes involve money or time with your children.

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To schedule a consultation with an experienced Colorado Springs divorce lawyer, fill out our intake form. You can also contact Dawn M. Ogrodny, P.C., at 800-263-8090.

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